MILLER will coordinate and lead all aspects of the design and construction process all the way to occupancy of the final tenant.

Our team is positioned to provide analysis on all issues related to the selection of appropriate sites for your projects based on years of evaluation. Upon selection and as part of a complete development and funding package, MILLER will acquire all properties required to successfully complete your project.

MILLER provides full in house design services to all of our development clients. This allows MILLER to control costs and minimize mistakes during the design and construction phase of projects.

With our strategic partnerships MILLER has the capability to take on any size and type of project with a high degree of competency. Our partners specialize in many different types of projects and it is our goal to align each project with the most experienced builder.

MILLER utilizes its vast experience to blend efficient work flow with striking interior finishes, resulting in impressive and fully functional facility environments.

MILLER, having funded over $100 million in facility and land development projects, has key private equity and financial partners. Our goal is to match the project to the eventual funding source.

It is the goal of MILLER to allow our clients to focus on their specialty while MILLER takes care of all aspects of the Facility Development process.

Site Selection / Acquisition