why are you in Oklahoma city?

The real question is, why aren't you in Oklahoma City? Just kidding - but really, you should be here. MILLER Architects was founded in OKC in 1998 and has not felt the need to leave. Right now is an exciting time to live in OKC, and we enjoy being a part of the growth and revitalization that's happening in our backyard (literally). Our central locations gives us the convenience of being a short flight away from any of our out-of-state projects and we're very adept at working with project teams remotely when required.


how do i learn more about funding options?

Give us a call or send an email. One of the unique aspects about MILLER Architects is our ability to customize funding particular to your business model. The great part of this method is that it works very well and can really accelerate the process of getting a project moving. The not-great part, is that it's not something we can just list out in bullet points because there are so many variables. Please reach out to us and let's talk about your specifics.  

are you an investor too?

At the moment, we are not investors in businesses - only in real estate.
We have been thinking about venturing into this territory and if you think we're a good fit for your business let us know because it's certainly worth the conversation.


what if i don't want to own my building, but need a new building?

Don't let the name MILLER Architects fool you - we are also interior designers, building owners, investors, and developers. Contact us to talk more about your specific project needs and if we are a good fit. 

my project isn't healthcare related - is that a problem?

Not a problem. In addition to healthcare, our architects and interior designers have worked on projects in most fields: modern residential, commercial, tenant finish out, education, mixed use, and even federal. We want your project to fit your needs and how you function (or how you want to function if you are changing your processes - we can help with that too).