Myths About Architects

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Myth #1

Myth #1: Architects do not Specialize

The most common question asked of Architects is, “Do you design houses.”  Yes, Architects do design houses, however many Architects have spent years designing specific project types about which they are highly skilled and knowledgeable. This experience extends over generations through experience passed down from past Architects. Schools, Churches, Office Buildings, Sports Stadiums, Hotels and Hospitals, to name a few, have benefited greatly from the vast experience of Architects who specialize in these building types and many more.

Hiring an Architect with limited specialty experience is like hiring an Accountant who has completed only a single tax return.

At MILLER Architects, our team specializes in Health Facilities and have for over 30 years. MILLER has completed well over 500 health facility designs and this experience allows us to provide unique insight into the possibilities that can be accomplished within any Healthcare Facility. Our continued successful experience has allowed us to grow into many non-traditional arenas in the healthcare market, such as project financing and development. Due to this, MILLER is proud to have fully funded hundreds of millions of dollars to our healthcare clients and has developed and leases over a quarter million square feet of health facilities.

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